Ghost Adventure Games

Ghost adventure games tend to sound fun and interesting, in fact, it is! Adventure has always been a major aspect in gaming. In this section, you’ll be able to go for an adventure, in discovering creepy places filled with ghosts and other spooky stuff. This is always a good thing, and if you’re a fan of ghost adventure games, then this is definitely for you. You won’t get bored as you’ll pretty much have fun with the games presented here. Ghost adventures has always been a well-received genre in gaming. There’s a sense of excitement and thrill, each time you venture out there, you’ll discover new things. Ghost games are always fun and having an adventure doubles that positive feeling. There’s always a sense of creepiness in these games, and that’s a good thing. Immerse yourself into this wonderful experience and get lost, have a fantastic ghost adventure!



Help save your girlfriend and use the…
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A ghostly Journey

A Ghostly Journey

Get ready for a ghost adventure. Do…
2 4354 0
bastien curse

The Bastien Curse

Explore the Bastien House and find clues.…
3 10831 2
real horror stories

Real Horror Stories

Another horror game, prepare to be scared.…
2 22821 22

Kit and The…

Somebody has kidnapped female octopus. It’s your…
0 1313 0
My life is yours

My Life is…

One soul at a time, true love…
1 2589 0
sleepy stus adventure

Sleepy Stus Adventure

Have a ghostly adventure and escape from…
0 1986 0
William and Sly 2

William and Sly…

Be ready for another adventure of Sly…
0 3084 0
William and Sly

William and Sly

Explore the forests and discover new things.…
0 1675 0
Memo Huntress

Memo Huntress

Find emblems and hunt for other items.…
1 3850 3
Flawed Dimension

Flawed Dimension

Enter this flawed dimension and have courage.…
0 4411 3
Ghostly me

Ghostly Me

Enter the world full of magic and…
0 2374 1
Screenshot (16)

Dex Maverick

Enter the world of Dex Maverick. Venture…
3 2098 0
Banshee the ghost

Banshee The Ghost

Want to be a ghostly hero? Now’s…
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paranormal hunter

Paranormal Hunter

You’re the best paranormal investigator in the…
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