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Playing new horror games are thrilling and exciting. Though creepy it entails an element of fear to the gamer, and in the end tends to overcome that fear. Hence, satisfaction is achieved once the game is finished. Horror games freak you out, but that’s the idea and gist of it. People want to play horror games because they want to challenge themselves and also, to some, overcome their fears. Depending in your “scariness” level, you’ll either be frightened or just feel normal each time you play a horror game, but usually, you’ll get scared. Majority of horror games are spooky and creepy. This is a “good” thing if you’re talking about horror games in general. Be prepared to take on these games if you’re a fan of the horror genre. The games here will challenge your courage as you venture into the darkness and battle evil creatures and whatnot. Horror games are probably one of the best genre to play out there.


Slendytubbies 2

Slendytubbies is back and this game packs…
8 43441 18
Screenshot (17)

Lodge Massacre

Investigate this gruesome massacre.  Dive into the…
1 5155 1

Spaulding’s Run

Control the odd clown and jump. Don’t…
0 2916 1

Crow In Hell…

Guide the crow from hell and survive…
0 2008 0
root of evil

The Root of…

Enter the dark world and find the…
0 5696 1
Screenshot (31)

Vampire Fever

Defeat the zombies and be triumphant. Being…
0 3110 0
Screenshot (22)

Midnight Massacre

Shoot zombies and werewolves and save the…
0 4003 1
Screenshot (21)

The Majesty of…

Enter the world of this wonderful game.…
1 1745 0
Screenshot (20)

Horror Forest Drive

Ride your way into the forest.  All…
0 2654 1
Screenshot (19)

The Survivor

You’re the only one left and you…
1 2828 0
Screenshot (18)

Town of Fears

Stop the demon from breaking free, the…
0 4131 0
Screenshot (17)


Kill the swarm and survive.  You’re the…
0 1949 1
Screenshot (16)

The Raptorian

Defeat the red dragon and be victorious.…
0 1570 0
Screenshot (15)

Vampire Slayer

Are you fond of shooting stakes at…
0 1765 1
Screenshot (14)

Catacombs of wolves

Escape from the jaws of hungry werewolves…
0 1917 0

Horror Nights

Horror games couldn’t be much more fun…
0 5424 2

Kill Slender 2D

Welcome to another Slender game, and now…
4 68026 16

Flawed dimension

Are you ready to be taken into…
0 2230 0

Slender Bones of…

Sinister and Evil, that is Slender.  He…
4 70542 35

Slender Bones of…

An evil character named Slender is out…
4 99434 52

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