Horror Puzzle Games

Do you want to exercise your brain? Check this section out and it will be worth your while. Horror Puzzle games are fun because not only does it make you solve puzzles but it also has some horror elements into it. It’s fun playing a game and at the same time, it gets you all pumped and thrilled. There’s no game out there that literally test your skills and intelligence. Puzzle games are one way to exercise your brain. This is a good thing because it keeps your mind strong and healthy. Horror puzzle games are no different, there’s always an element of horror, but it also makes you think. There’s always a satisfying feeling each time you solve a puzzle. This shows your ability and intelligence. If you love horror elements with puzzles then you’ll really love the games offered here. Test your IQ and get ready to enjoy the best games this genre has to offer.


Lakeview Cabin

Take care of your place and make…
2 5380 1
bastien curse

The Bastien Curse

Explore the Bastien House and find clues.…
2 9085 2
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Horror Jigsaw

Get ready to face your fears and…
0 4875 3

Scary Puzzles

Clear the blocks and help the pumpkin…
0 3653 0
root of evil

The Root of…

Enter the dark world and find the…
0 5177 1
Dark legion

Dark Legion

Identify the correct gem and save the…
0 926 0

The Alan Show…

Ready for another interesting and spooky game?…
0 1803 1

Hyper Cube

You’re objective is to get out of…
1 1891 0

Infested Space

You’re the only one alive in this…
0 1059 0

I Hate Eyes

Do you love eyes? Try this puzzle…
0 2103 0

Let the Blood…

Let the blood guide you in escaping…
0 1940 0

The Dark Cave

Face your fears and enter the dark…
0 2980 0

The Mold

Solve the puzzle in this freaky place.…
0 5322 1