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Scary games are always common nowadays. It all depends in being creative, and making it fun and at the same time scary. Visit this category, and you’ll have a great experience with scary games. There are limitless number of quality games that were made just for you. If you’re a fan of scary games, then check out this category. People will have trouble sleeping at night if they’re not prepared. Scary games are always cool and fun, you better check it out.


Slendytubbies 2

Slendytubbies is back and this game packs…
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Being One Episode…

Explore the caves and find your way…
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Scary Maze 7

Prepare for another challenging maze game. If…
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Jeff the Killer

You suddenly¬†woke up from a loud scream.…
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Twisted Cooking Mama

Cooking crazy is a requirement in this…
0 7

Deeper Sleep

You are in a state of deeper…
0 4

Moon Waltz

Transform into a werewolf and show the…
0 2

Cellar Door

Explore this dark cellar and know the…
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Scary Mary

Pull the cord and make Mary talk.…
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Black Angle

Fight the forces of darkness and escape…
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