Scary Games For Kids

Kids are always experimental, and they would tend to discover new things, even if it scares them. Well, if you’re a kid and who wants to have a scary game experience, then you will love the games here. Playing scary games for kids embarks you on a thrilling and fun gameplay. Kids, will enjoy the thrill and horror of these games. Scary games for Kids is a fun way of experiencing tension and fear that kids would normally experience. Once you get scared that’s the time things get pretty good in this type of game. This means that the scariness is effective. Children get scared easily compared to adults, so this is a fun way of experiencing the games. Fun is the key factor and these games deliver it. Your kids will have a great time and they will certainly come back for more. With these elements, “scare and fun” children will play all day and night just to experience the thrill of it.


Zombie Prom Party

Time to prepare and dress up some…
0 3875 1
spot the difference

Scary Spot The…

Winnie the Pooh and his friends are…
1 13790 3
monkey cliff dicing

Monkey Cliff Diving

Click on the monkey and make it…
0 3905 1
tails nightmare

Tails Nightmare

Control Tails in this odd and scary…
1 5708 0
Screenshot (16)

Dex Maverick

Enter the world of Dex Maverick. Venture…
3 1948 0
Screenshot (8)

Baby Boh!

Scare some babies and have a good…
1 5677 1
Fish HD

Hungry Fish HD

Conquer the ocean and eat all the…
0 4036 1
Screenshot (12)

The Big Bad…

Ever wanted to play as the villain?…
1 2917 0
Screenshot (11)

The God of…

Test your luck and get the blessings…
0 1272 0
Screenshot (13)

Skully´s Quest

Return Skully’s collection of skulls.  Help this…
1 2292 0
Screenshot (10)

Scary Cannon

Set up your cannon and blast your…
1 1890 0
Screenshot (15)

Crime Scene Investigation

Investigate what happened here and look for…
1 9232 5
Scary night

Scary Night

Stop those skeletons from stealing your stuff!…
1 7305 0

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