Scary House Game

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Enter the scary house and find out if it's really cursed or not. It has been told that a family used to live here, but they all committed suicide. Enter the house and find the truth about this mystery. Will you be able to overcome the evil of this house?…

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Scary House Game

Enter the scary house and find out if it’s really cursed or not. It has been told that a family used to live here, but they all committed suicide. Enter the house and find the truth about this mystery. Will you be able to overcome the evil of this house? or will you be one of the dead. Explore and survive and find a way out in the end. Explore the living room, bathroom, bedroom, the working room and even the safe room. Don’t be afraid and be courageous. The game is really scary, you must be prepared and it would be a better experience if you would turn off the lights. Escape the house alive and be able to solve the mystery. The graphics for this game are great as well. The sheer ambiance will bring chills to your spine.

[toggle title=”Walkthrough Contains Spoilers”]You should find yourself in-front of a house. Once the words on your screen disappear, the door will shake, simply click on the option to “go inside”.

1. The Dining Room – Caution spoilers below

You’ll find yourself inside the house, standing in a dimly lit dining room. You’ll see a window, a family portrait and a door, which is slightly ajar. Click on the portrait, 3 times and a ball will drop out of the ceiling. Next, click on the ball a few times before clicking on the portrait again. Once you’ve heard a loud crash look towards the window and you should see the ghost of a girl sitting by the window. Wait a minute, isn’t she the daughter in the family portrait?

2. The Bathroom – Caution spoilers below

Look closely at the mirror if you dare. You should find a note, click on it to take a closer look. Once you’ve finished observing the note, click on it a few times and you should hear some strange sound effects. Next, click on the can of poison which is on the ground and the outline of a mysterious woman next to a fence will appear. Keep calm and click on the toilet but be warned a creepy hand will pop up in an attempt to scare you! You should then hear a crash coming from the kitchen. It’s time to move!

3. The Kitchen – Caution spoilers below

Warning if you’re easily scared you may want to stop here. If not, look next to the staircase you should see a doll which seems to be moving by itself. Click on the doll a couple of times and another note should appear. Quickly turn your gaze to the hall on your right and you’ll see a shadow moving. Turn your attention back to the doll, click on it and you’ll see that it’s hanging from the ceiling. Looks like an omen that a person once hung from the ceiling. It looks like a child! If you think back to the portrait in the dining room, there was a toddler, a child, a mom and … a dad.

4. The Living Room – Caution spoilers below

Standing in the living room you’ll see a note and a portrait of the dad. Start clicking on the note and the portrait and you’ll encounter a few hallucinations, keep clicking and eventually you’ll hear a loud gun shot and a ghost will walk across the room. Click on the portrait one last time and try not to be too disgusted with what happens to the dad’s eyeballs and mouth. Unfortunately there’s no time to think about what you just witnessed as you’ll hear a creak coming from the corridor. Time to investigate!

5. The Corridor – Caution spoilers below

You will see another note on the ground and a light switch. Alternate clicking on the note and the light switch and a girl will appear. There’s nothing more you can do.

6. The Aftermath – Caution spoilers below

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! You’re one brave soul. You’ve solved the mystery, turns out it was the daughter you saw by the window, who killed her family.[/toggle]


  1. rawan refaat says:

    i don’t know how to play it :/

  2. Naruse says:

    It’s so scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  3. drakefirex says:


  4. Sam-I-Am says:

    ._. The game froze I think… its on a blackscreen and on the bottom of the page theres names of different rooms -.- right at the beginning to

  5. DonnaMaria says:

    got in the house its a blank screen with room names on bottom which you can’t click on and you click around screen and nothing wth this is stupid

  6. admin says:

    I will be fixing the issues reported.

  7. edpierce says:

    Now that’s a cool game! Who made it? I like the backdrops and how the lighting, or lack thereof, really makes the scenes come alive.

  8. onlyman17 says:

    I need a real scary game!!!!

  9. AWWWW I jumped out of my skin at the end

  10. t.o.p oppa says:

    it is scary that I ALMOST FELL FROM THE CHAIR!

  11. raeganjwalker says:

    how the heck do you play this!? im stuck in the living room

  12. drifterjack23 says:

    holly shit!!! that fucking good scary game have maked me awakened for 1 month!

  13. nicole says:

    how do you move around? i cant get out of the living room

  14. anasofo says:

    click the same things and something will heppend but it need a little time.

  15. CaptainAsshat says:

    Post a damn walkthrough, we can’t get out of the living room. And don’t give us that “It requires some common sense bullshit.” It’s clear that the game is broke.

  16. gamer says:

    I don’t really get the game I have in the living room for a really long time

  17. Iaintapussy1234 says:

    this aint scary im addicted to this game

  18. deribeth says:

    cual es la clave de la caja fuerte

  19. Iaintapussy1234 says:


  20. YourmomlolduH says:

    There is no note on the mirror

  21. Orange says:

    how to get out of the working room?

  22. Carltoon55 says:

    Game says I’m playing but I cannot get in the game at all. Please help!

  23. Natalia says:

    cómo se juega?:c
    how play it?

  24. jonathangore says:

    what do i do im stuck in the bedroom and in the walkthrough there is nothing about the bedroom what do i click and in what order

  25. Woozi says:

    I like it sir! Got a few good jumps out of me. A little constructive criticism? lots of repeated clicking on the same exact object….to the point some times where i didn’t think it was working right. But keep up the good work!

  26. Donald says:

    there is no note on mirror…nor is there can of poison on the ground

  27. Donald says:

    forget my last comment….figured it out…great little game!!!

  28. Shraddha says:

    its too slow

  29. DragonMaster says:

    there not ghosts there DEMONS!!!!!!!!!!DX

  30. Emily says:

    help, I’m stuck in the bathroom. I can’t find the “mirror” it talks about in the walkthrough

  31. sim says:

    i am not able to get in any other room other than the living room no matter how much im clicking on the blurred room names

  32. Horrorfan18 says:

    This game is so easy, i especially love the jump scares

  33. abie29 says:

    how can I play this game. lol i dont know what to do im stuck in the Living room :'(

  34. Horrorfan18 says:

    Just click the same items in the room until everything has happened, when all paranormal things have occurred the room will pass you to the next level

  35. maia says:

    there is no letter or can of poison so im confused as to what im supposed to do…?

  36. carmenella says:

    the game won’t even load! it’s just a blank screen! wtf?!

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