Scary Mystery Games

Mystery is always welcome among people. Combine it with Fear, then it becomes “scary mystery”. In the gaming aspect, scary mystery games are haunting and at the same time intriguing. You wonder how things caught up in some mystery, and sometimes you find ways to solve it. Scary mystery games bring fun and excitement to the table. Each time you play you can really feel the mystery all around you. The atmosphere is top notch in these games and the freaky ambiance will really make you shiver in fear. Solving a mystery is usually challenging, but with the right mindset and correct thinking you’ll solve the case. Solving mysteries are fun and engaging as well, topple it up with a “scary” setup and you’re all good to go. If you are a fan of these, then check the games out. Dive into the mystery and venture into the scariness of the place.

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Lodge Massacre

Investigate this gruesome massacre. ¬†Dive into the…
1 4471 1

Lakeview Cabin

Take care of your place and make…
2 5817 1
real horror stories

Real Horror Stories

Another horror game, prepare to be scared.…
1 20102 22
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Hand Eye Coordination…

Do the tests that are required of…
1 4496 4

Foreign Creature

Explore and find new things in this…
1 2541 0

Exmortis 2

Enter a land of no hope. Have…
0 3066 1

Silent Hill Room…

Venture through the woods and find your…
0 7834 4
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Crime Scene Investigation

Investigate what happened here and look for…
1 9252 5


Get ready to have an insane night.…
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