Scary Prank Games

Pranks are always hilarious. Share this with your friends and surely you will have a good time seeing their funny faces react in fear. This section lets you play games for yourself and for others, each reaction is basically different. It’s different because knowing that this is a prank has less tension compared to a person who doesn’t know that this scary game is a prank. Either way, all of you will still have a great time. Having pranks are always fun, it gives you a sense of enjoyment at the same time there’s a feeling of “guilty pleasure”. If you’re into pranking people, then call your friends and let them try these games.

Where’s Waldo

Find Waldo in the crowd. Search for…
19 63835 10

Tic Tac Toe

Everybody loves tic tac toe games, so…
20 120070 11

Red Dot Game

Find the red dot in the game…
14 87407 12

Scary Bubble Wrap

Everybody loves the sound of a squeezed…
7 34816 2

Hit the Dot

All you have to do is hit…
5 33538 5

Color Vision Test

Enter the designated number and pass the…
5 18387 2

Scary Maze 2

Enter the maze and reach your goal.…
5 22132 2

Scary Maze Game…

Get ready for some scary moments. Solve…
14 74801 30

Scary Maze 3D

Be prepared for another Scary Maze game!…
2 21641 6

Scariest Maze Game

Want to prank somebody up? Then share…
7 19761 3


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