Survival Horror Games

Now this is definitely a fan favorite. Survival Horror games have been more or less the epitome of the zombie games era. Survival horror is a substantial element in gaming that almost everybody loves. There’s a sort of thrill to it, and has that vibe that you must survive a terrible ordeal. Survival horror games raises the bar in gaming that it makes you want to play a game like this. Quality is always essential in playing horror games, fortunately, we have survival horror games here for you. You’ll enjoy the creepy atmosphere and the ambiance of pure hopelessness, this gets better as your mind is fixed on one thing, and that’s to survive. Survival Horror fans will be pleased with the games that is available in this section. Quality games lead to a quality experience.


Dead Lab

Escape from Dead Lab in this scary…
7 11419 6
snatch room 2

Snatch Room 2

Escape from the room in one piece.…
1 7083 2

Pico Goes To…

Save Pico from hell and escape from…
2 5208 3

Lakeview Cabin

Take care of your place and make…
2 6415 1
bastien curse

The Bastien Curse

Explore the Bastien House and find clues.…
3 10754 2
real horror stories

Real Horror Stories

Another horror game, prepare to be scared.…
2 22407 22
halloween 12 Demo

Halloween ’12 Demo

Survive the infestation and kill these Halloween…
1 2343 0
Zombie Krul

Zombie Krul

Escort the scientists to safety and kill…
0 3950 1
zombie dead land

Zombies Dead Land

Shoot and kill all the military zombies…
0 2666 1
the saggitarrian

The Sagittarian 3

Choice is very crucial and you must…
0 3083 0
Bio Zombie

Bio Zombie Origin

Enter the world of zombies. You’re a…
0 3539 0
zombies attack again

Zombies Attack Again

Pick a weapon and kill all the…
1 2118 0
I Remain

I Remain

The zombies have come and you have…
0 3794 0
Scary House Game

Scary House Game

Enter the scary house and find out…
2 35138 54
Undead End 2

Undead End 2

Shoot the zombies and survive. Investigate the…
0 5127 2
Luncheon of the Dead

Luncheon Of The…

Ready for a survival real strategy game?…
0 2318 1

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