Zombie Car Games

Shake and Bake! Drive with skill and precision! Ever wanted to ride a car and do some road kills on zombies? Then zombie car games would certainly give you that. Awesome graphics, great gameplay and fluid controls, you’ll surely love the games that we offer here. Destroy each zombie that stands in your way and be triumphant. It’s very enjoyable driving around and killing zombies with your car. You won’t get bored with gameplay because it’s pure fun.

Red Road Rage

Red Road Rage

Get ready for some road rage and…
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Zombie ramming

Zombie Ramming

It’s time to ram some zombies. ¬†Drive…
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zombie drive 2

Zombie Drive 2

Test your driving skills and help others…
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car eats car 2

Car Eats Car…

You’re a car and you need to…
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Zombie Racer

Zombie Racer

Ride through the night and race against…
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zombogrinder 2

Zombogrinder 2 Revenge

Evade the zombies in your first date…
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dead paradise

Dead Paradise

The world is in chaos and it’s…
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highaway of the dead

Highway Of The…

Drive fast and don’t look back. Run…
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Earn to die

Earn to Die…

Bust out some zombies with your vehicle…
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Undead Highway

Undead Highway

Survive the zombies and find the key.…
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Take Your Car

Ride your car and drive through the…
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Zombie Tractor

Want to get out alive? Then use…
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