Zombie Killing Games

Killing zombies are always fun and satisfying. You’ll notice that there’s a feeling of guilty pleasure each time you play a zombie game. Basically, as the word explains itself, you “kill zombies”, and this can be very addicting. Each time you perform a head shot or hit a zombie with a baseball bat, it doesn’t matter, the feeling is pretty good. It gives you a sense of authority and power. Killing zombies are always a treat.

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Zombies are coming and it’s time to…
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Zombo Buster

Zombies won’t stop their hunger for your…
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Decision Medieval

You’re in a medieval time and zombies…
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Apocalypse Looting

Survive 6 days of zombie invasion and…
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Zombie Death Match

Kill all the zombies and get high…
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Zombie Krul

Escort the scientists to safety and kill…
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Impale 2

If you’re fond of impaling zombies or…
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Decision 2 New…

Zombies are all over the city and…
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Curse Village

Things have gone really bad, everybody has…
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Desolation 2

Explore the evil atmosphere and survive. Zombies…
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